Short Stories

Don’t make noise at night.

September 26th: Kyle, Tyler, and I were chilling at Kyle’s house bored. Kyle did not have any video games or toys and that is what makes a lot of kids upset. But that’s not the reason why I’m writing this out. Tyler and I are hiding in the woods right outside of Kyle’s house. I am using my phone which is at 15% so I need to hurry. Let me explain. We were chilling in Kyle’s living room when we decided to tell ghost stories not gonna lie I was not wanting to play but here we are. Tyler’s story was: “Once there was a family of four they were rich, but the poor wanted revenge so they burned down the house killing the rich family.” Kyle’s was similar but there was something that came out of the fire and completely mangled all the people who started the fire and you can still smell the burning of flesh. And that’s when it happened we all smelled something burning. Tyler and I saw it first but we could not warn Kyle in time, He was slashed that’s when I and Tyler ran out. Ok, now we’re back to now Kyle’s house is on fire. What’s upsetting is I read an urban legend about a creature that if you made a lot of noise it will come and kill you and set your home on fire that’s how she died. 

September 27th: Tyler went to check around the house a minute ago and I heard his scream. So I ran and I avoided it. To this day I knew I should have trusted my instincts that might have been a way to keep them alive. One thing that scares me is that I can smell smoke wherever I go. So this is a warning. Do NOT make noise at night.


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