Wraiths Ranting #1

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Wraiths Ranting #1

When people get out of highschool, the groundwork for a new life is supposed to be laid down for us. In reality, schools teach us mostly useless information like, how to multiply monomials by binomials or trinomials, What it was like in ‘The roaring twenties’, What president Hoover did not do and what president Roosevelt did do for the great depression. However, schools do teach us some valuable information like, how to work on your car, how to be a carpenter, an electrician, and how to drive. Schools need to have more classes that help us be productive american adults. They need to teach us how to properly file a tax return. They need to teach us how to file our W1 and W2 forms. They need to teach us how to keep a balanced checkbook. Schools need to change the information they teach high schoolers.

Schools need to teach students important career information like filling our taxes. This is the most important skill every person needs to know and yet no one teaches it in this school. According to a report made by Education Dive, Students who are taught valuable life skills in school are better equipped to handle life in the real world. Teaching students about events that happened decades in the past isn’t as important as teaching students basic life skills. Schools need to focus on the betterment of the student after they’re education stops. Once students are out of school, they’re usually not equipped with enough life skills to thrive in the real world. They have to teach themselves these skills and wonder why none of this was taught in school. 

Schools that teach basic life skills like doing your taxes or understanding financial issues have a higher percentage of students that graduate that prosper in the real world because they had a better understanding about how the real world worked. If schools around the country started teaching these life skills everyone would be better equipped to face the real world. Schools need to focus on the future of the students life, they need to teach students about career choices and life skills. If more schools did this then no one would complain about the education system because they’re being taught valuable information. 

People need to know this important information during school so people know how the world works when they get out there. 

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