Warning! images may be too scary for younger viewers

The Spider Queen

Deep in the woods beyond the cottage Kol Karr slumbers, living in one of the deadliest caves on Umbra is the Queen of Spiders. Her name is Aranea. She towers six feet tall with her many dainty but strong legs, giving her incredible speed when searching for her next meal. Her lower half is that of a black widow spider while the top half is a grayish pale and thin woman. Her eight eyes litter all over her forehead, red as rubies and cascading down her back is her jet black hair.

Because of her half-human looks, She assumes she is the alpha species of all types of spiders, calling herself “Queen Aranea.” Other spiders are titled “her subjects”; those who say otherwise are killed and eaten. Though she may look delicate, she’s quick to think and attack but most of all; her deadly bite. (Don’t be fooled by what the internet says about black widow venom, she’s 10.5 times the size of the normal black widow) To save yourself from her blind tyranny. You must retreat her like the queen she claims to be.

If you ever cross paths with her, you are to bow and say, “Good ____, your majesty.” She will, in turn, bow back and respond, “And to you as well, my child.” If you were to ignore her, she would spear you with one of her legs and watch you bleed out with no remorse. Once there was a hiker that went missing years ago when Her Majesty was crawling the earth. She did not give Aranea the respect she demanded and it threw her into a blind rage. The hiker ran as fast as she could; she was no match for Aranea who scurred towards her and impaled the hiker through her sharp combed legs. To others, many believed the hiker got lost since her body was never found, but really Queen Aranea served her body as a feast to her loyal subjects.

Beware The Spider Queen.


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