By: Crimson Tears

Labels. That’s something strange to write about. But our school needs to read this. Lot of us have labels. Some are funny,good and friendly. But others are the opposite. They are labeled bad,unfriendly and not funny. We have consequences for treating others poorly. I’ve been called names, i’ve been abused, taken away from my birth mother. Ever since first grade i’ve been trying to kill or hurt myself. Why? Because others were calling me names and treating me like i’m not even human. All I wanted was to fit in. but no one saw that. Many of you have been through bullying, many of you have been the new kid or kids. Why is it fair that you are treated right, and for others it’s not okay? Think about it. Treat others like you want to be treated. As kids and young adults we shouldn’t concentrate on fitting in, we should concentrate on being friends and helping one another. I know this for sure. No one likes having a label. I know I don’t like being called a foster child. Ya i am but i don’t have to like it. But why? Because i want to belong. I want to feel wanted and i want to feel safe. So make a difference and be kind. Help others who have a hard time. Stop the labeling. Everyone is equal, we have the same rules we have the same laws. That makes us the same. Don’t become the spot light of why someone is hurting themselves or commited suicide. We are all better people. It’s just a matter of time to show it to everyone. 


This is dedicated to my sister abigail elizabeth patnaude. 

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