Our Panther Press resident cartoonist hard at work. – photo credit R. Moore

Batboy’s C.J.S. (Criminal Justice Society)

(New Series – in progress)

Dedication: To my very good friends- Mallory and Nat. One I knew and now miss. The other I wish I knew. Rest in peace, my friends.

Chapter One

Batboy Cover
Caleb 1
Caleb 2
Caleb 3
Caleb 4
caleb 1
caleb 2
caleb 3
caleb 4
Caleb's Comic p. 9 s
Caleb's Comic p. 10 s
Caleb's Comic p. 11 s
Caleb's Comic p. 12 s

Mathboy is in the same series as Batboy’s C.J.S.

Word of advice: Mathboy is on the left and The Calculator is on the right.

Dedication: To all of you mathematicians out there!!!

Mathboy Cover
Mathboy p.1

To be continued in Batboy’s C.J.S. Chapter Two (bellow)

Batboy’s C.J.S. Chapter 2

Caleb P. 1
Caleb P. 2
Caleb P. 3
Caleb P. 4

To Be Continued…… a couple months

Dedicated to my neighbor, Mallory Norrell, forever sixteen. She didn’t stop fighting, even in the end, neither will Batboy, and neither should you! This is the first story of Batboy, the summer of 2017.


Hill BB Cover.jpg
Hill BB 1.jpg
Hill BB 2.jpg
Hill BB 3.jpg
Hill BB 4.jpg
HILL BB 5.jpg
Hill BB 6.jpg
Hill BB 7.jpg
Hill BB 8.jpg
Hill BB 9

Batboy Returns

Dedicated to- “Anyone who has been affected by a violent crime”

Hill5 (1).jpg
Hill6 (1).jpg
Hill8 (1).jpg
Hill 13.jpg
Hill 14.jpg
Hill 15.jpg

Batboy Toivola by Axe

Dear readers,

You may know me as the current Batboy, but little does anyone remember that I am not the first Batboy. My grandpa on my mom’s side was actually the first. This is the origin story of how he started the fight against evil. This story also explains how some things changed in the early days of Toivola city. Hope you enjoy!


Caleb Hill

Hill TbyA 1.jpg
Hill TbyA 2.jpg
Hill TbyA 3.jpg
Hill TbyA 4.jpg
Hill TbyA 5.jpg